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Innovative Dental and Implants

Innovative Dental and Implants holds a Gold Resource Wise certification. Did you know that they have TerraCycle boxes for collecting …

Flying Dutchman

Energy Improvements: Crawlspace insulation
Annual savings: $619
Lifetime CO2 savings: 25 tons

Alpine Bank, Frisco

Energy improvements: LED lighting upgrade
Annual savings: $2,430
Payback period: 2.5 years
Lifetime CO2 savings: 18 metric tons

The Crown

Efficiency improvements: LED lighting 
Annual savings: $101
Lifetime CO2 savings: 7.5 tons

Wild & Free

Efficiency improvement: LED lighting
Annual savings: $461
Lifetime CO2 savings: 34 tons
Resource Wise rebate: $400

Breckenridge Chopping Block

Efficiency improvement: Water-saving showerheads
Resource Wise rebate: $300

Downstairs at Eric’s

Sustainability improvement: Composting food waste

Christ Lutheran Church

Efficiency improvement: Insulation and air-sealing the crawl space
Resource Wise rebate: $900

Wedgewood Lodge

Efficiency improvement: LED lighting
Annual savings: $2,186
Lifetime CO2 savings: 162 tons
Resource Wise rebate: $400

Rivers Clothing Co.

Efficiency improvement: LED lighting
Annual savings: $1,248
Lifetime CO2 savings: 84 tons
Resource Wise rebate: $1,200
Xcel Energy rebate: $784

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Efficiency improvement: Water-saving bathroom fixtures
Water saved: >500,000 gallons/year
Resource Wise rebate: $1,000

Chimayo Grill

Efficiency improvement: LED lighting
Annual savings: $544
Lifetime CO2 savings: 41 tons
Resource Wise rebate: $775


Rocky Mountain Underground – better known as RMU across the community – specializes in designing quality skis, packs, and accessories for the …

Garden of Eden

Upon entering Garden of Eden, customers are warmly welcomed with lush greenery, charming flower arrangements, and unique gifts that would brighten up anyone’s home. The business specializes in florals for large-scale events, …

Exploring the Depths of Sustainability, Community, and Nature 

Tim honors his commitment to a better world as a board member for the Blue River Watershed Group.

Sustainable Journey in Summit County 

They also think it’s important to show their Latino friends and neighbors that HC3 has programs that can help them, too.

Preserving Summit County’s Beauty

“We’ve always either called the ocean or the mountains home…areas of breathtaking beauty that you care about and want to protect for future generations,” Libby explains.

Donor Spotlight: Matt Stais

“I want to make buildings with as small an environmental footprint as possible,” he shares. “Buildings use the majority of energy in Summit County and the U.S. If we can minimize that energy use, we should.”

Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center

“We started our journey to reduce waste to landfill this Winter 22/23 season at Beaver Run Resort, and I am so happy with the results from the first year. Beginning with the buy-in from all levels of staff, overwhelmingly positive guest feedback, to the impact it has had to our employee Green Team.”

-Roger Cardoza, VP of Resort Operations

Donor Spotlight: Eddie and Patti Bowers

Together, they witnessed HC3 in the community – through K12 education, the CSA farm, and energy assessments – and began supporting HC3 as a way to give back.

One Million Pounds and Counting … 

What started as a small, subscription-based program for residents to recycle their food scraps is today a free community resource: …

West Hills

Resident and HOA board member, Ted, recognized an area of opportunity.

Summit County Justice Center

“We are thankful for the partnership with HC3, and for the opportunity to keep Summit County green!”

-Commander Jake Straw

Breckenridge Terrace

“This project originally started because of my personal passion to be environmentally friendly. In the end, my vision came to fruition because of the backing I received from HC3.”

-Asia Stephens

Mighty Bar

Mighty Bar is committed to reducing waste and recycling the materials they use the most. 

Colorado Marketplace & Bakery

“We have been composting all food scraps we cannot use at the bakery and everyone participates.”

-Heather Beckman, Co-owner

Nomad Coffee House, Bluebird Market

What they’re doing:
– Composting coffee grounds
– Recycling single stream and glass materials

Bluebird Market

“Bluebird Market is excited to help Summit County reach its goal of 40% waste diversion by 2035 by recycling single stream mixed materials, glass, and food waste.”

-Scott Vollmer

Sawmill Creek Condominiums

“Due to HC3’s support along with Sawmill Creek’s HOA and Great Western Lodging, we have been able to make a difference helping Summit County reach its goals for recycling.” 
-Bobbie Zanca, Sawmill Creek condo owner

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