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Why Transform Your Grass?

Most lawns in Summit County contain Kentucky bluegrass which is not native to our high alpine environment. This grass requires twice the amount of water (or more) than native grasses and low-water shrubs, trees, and wildflowers.  

In an effort to conserve our most precious resource, water, HC3 partnered with local landscapers and gardeners. We’ve compiled tips, landscape plans and more to help you replace unused areas of your grass lawn with drought-resistant plants that conserve water, support pollinators, and look beautiful all summer long. 

Follow the steps below and turn your yard into a mountain oasis. 

Frequently asked questions

Not at this time, but we are working to develop this program and hope to offer turf replacement rebates in the future.  

No, native grasses are not considered a lawn. Once native grasses are established, they do not need to be watered.  

Many non-native plants are adapted to Colorado’s climate and can be used in a native landscape as long as moisture, light and soil requirements are similar. This allows more variety for homeowners at altitude while still offering both water conservation and habitat benefits. HC3 is exploring the possibility of another garden design including all native plants.

No, we recommend replacing unused grassy areas of your lawn. Sloped portions of your property or entryways are good candidates for replacement. In the areas where you choose to keep grass, make sure to irrigate efficiently 

No, low-water landscapes simply mean using native grasses and low-water shrubs, trees, and wildflowers to create a beautiful garden that requires less water and less work to maintain. Living plant matter supports clean air, cool spaces and erosion control. 

Under Colorado state law, HOAs cannot ban low-water landscaping however many require a formal review of landscape plans and changes. While HC3 staff cannot help with HOA board review, we offer pre-designed landscape plans and can present to boards and property managers to answer questions about low-water landscaping. Email for more information or connections with local government staff.