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Our mission is to promote practical solutions for waste reduction
and resource conservation in our mountain community.

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Ask Eartha

Ask Eartha: How to Have a More Sustainable Gift Giving Holiday

Dear Eartha, How can I give great gifts this holiday while still being sustainable? The holiday season is here and with it a parade of pressure to buy, give, and consume. The marketing machine of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday can turn even the most rational people into impulsive, sale-crazed, anxiety-ridden shoppers. […]

ASK EARTHA: How To Reduce Waste This Thanksgiving

Dear Eartha, I am hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my home this year, and I want it to be focused on sustainability. How do I make my Thanksgiving feast zero waste?  During Thanksgiving, we eat and drink a lot, and that means we create large amounts of waste and throw away a significant amount of […]

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