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Our mission is to promote practical solutions for waste reduction
and resource conservation in our mountain community.

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Ask Eartha

ASK EARTHA: Going Solar

Dear Eartha, my neighbor just installed solar panels on her house. I’ve been thinking about solar too, but don’t know where to start. Do you have any ideas? As John Krasinski – you might know him as Jim from “The Office” – has weekly reminded his YouTube audience, despite the weirdness we’re all living through, […]

ASK EARTHA: How to Have a Beautiful Yard & Not Waste Water

Dear Eartha, my neighbors are already watering their lawns. I don’t want to waste water, but I don’t want to grow a field of rocks and weeds either. Do you have advice? As lawns come back to life, local water use slowly creeps up then explodes in summertime. The worst part? The Environmental Protection Agency […]

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