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Ask Eartha

Ask Eartha: What’s Up with Carton Recycling?

Dear Eartha, I’ve noticed that there is a new container at the drop-off centers for food and beverage cartons. How can I tell what is a recyclable carton? Do these cartons actually get recycled and what are they being used for?  -Riley, Dillon Thanks for bringing your confusion to my attention. I’m delighted that locals […]

ASK EARTHA: What should I do with all the leaves in my yard?

Dear Eartha, the brightly colored autumn leaves are beautiful on the trees, but I know they will soon fall to the ground and the yard work begins. How can I sustainability manage all the leaves in my yard? -Jason, Breckenridge What an excellent question, Jason! The leaves are changing, and the air is getting cooler, […]

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