Drive Electric Week: Virtual Events Sept 30 & Oct 3
Learn from Colorado EV owners what you need to know.
Wildfires and The Climate Crisis
What's the connection that's making wildfires worse.
Calling All Nature Lovers
Summit County needs you to properly sort your recycling

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote practical solutions for waste reduction
and resource conservation in our mountain community.

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CO2 emissions saved annually
HC3's Summit CSA stats

Ask Eartha

ASK EARTHA: How to bring sustainability to work

Dear Eartha, I’ve been striving to live more sustainably over the past few years and want to make a better effort at my business. What tips do you have for someone trying to bring sustainability into the workplace?  While your efforts to live more sustainably at home are commendable, we’re very excited about your interest in environmental stewardship […]

ASK EARTHA: Our Plastic Problem

Dear Eartha, I’m frustrated so much of what we buy is plastic or wrapped in plastic, and I can’t even recycle it. How did we get here and aren’t things getting better? In trying to solve the problems of present, we sometimes forget that looking back can help us navigate a better path forward. That’s […]

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