Ask Eartha: How do I make my yard pollinator friendly?

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard that it’s important to support pollinators, but what can I do to make my yard pollinator friendly?  There has been a lot of buzz around pollinators recently. You might have heard that pollinator populations are facing some big challenges. Every year issues like pesticide use, urbanization, and climate change make it […]

Ask Eartha: Why should I volunteer this summer?

Dear Eartha, I am looking for a way to be involved but I am not sure if volunteering is right for me, why should I volunteer this summer?After a long Colorado winter, summer is finally here. You might be planning to spend as much time as you can outdoors and taking advantage of every sunny […]

Ask Eartha: How to stay cool this summer?

Dear Eartha, I didn’t expect my mountain home to be so hot in the summer. How can I stay cool inside this season while being eco-friendly too? Even in our mountain region of Summit County we’re feeling the impact of global temperature rise, with warmer winters and summer temperatures regularly topping the records in recent years. […]

Ask Eartha: Do gardens take more water than grass?

Dear Eartha, my neighbor recently tore out part of their lawn and replaced it with a garden. I’d do the same thing, but wouldn’t a garden require more time and water than my grass? Sounds like your neighbor is on board with the latest trend – turf replacement, or simply removing part of your grass […]

Ask Eartha: Do cows contribute to climate change?

Dear Eartha, I heard that cows are a major contributor to climate change. Is that true?Are cow burps really a source of greenhouse gas emissions? Mooooost certainly. In fact, emissions from the digestive systems of livestock – particularly beef cattle and dairy cows – are responsible for 27 percent of global methane emissions. In the […]

Ask Eartha: How to keep winter energy bills down?

Ask Eartha, I’m a small business owner. This winter my energy bills were through the roof. What can I do to keep costs down?  If you’re a small business owner battling high energy bills, you’re definitely not alone, winter can be a challenging time. But don’t worry- there are some simple strategies to help you […]

Ask Eartha: How to identify noxious weeds?

Dear Eartha, I recently discovered that what I thought were beautiful flowers in my yard are actually noxious weeds. Can you explain how to identify noxious weeds and why they are harmful? Spring has sprung, and with it, a burst of green across our beautiful Summit County. The snow has melted, the wildflowers are beginning to […]

Ask Eartha: How do watering schedules work for gardens?

Dear Eartha, I read about new watering schedules in the community, and I’m confused. Is this meant for lawns only? What about vegetable gardens? As you suggest, not all plants are created equally. And while the new watering schedules reflect the maximum number of days to run sprinklers on your grass lawn (three days per […]

Ask Eartha: How do I recycle household items?

Dear Eartha, I have some old paint and electronics in my house that I need to get rid of, but I feel bad throwing them away. Are there options to recycle household items? It’s that time of the year. Time to get out of the winter funk and refresh our spaces with some spring cleaning. But […]

Ask Eartha: How do I throw away less trash?

Dear Eartha, I try hard to recycle, but I still feel like I throw a lot of things away. Do you have any advice that can help me throw away less stuff?  Most of us are well-acquainted with the three Rs of Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In March, I shared that recycling should be […]