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We’re Ramping Up Recycling in Breck & Frisco.


Say Hello to Pay As You Throw

If you live within Breckenridge or Frisco town limits and have curbside trash collection, you’ll soon be able to choose the size of your trash bin.

The smaller your bin, the lower your bill. Recycling will be included and you can choose your own service provider. 


Get Ready for Universal Recycling

Over the next two years, all multi-family homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and businesses in Breckenridge and Frisco must add onsite recycling collection.

You can choose your own service provider, and HC3 can help with free site visits and support.

key dates

pay as you throw
October 1, 2023

90% of residents have new bins

December 1, 2023

100% of residents have new bins

universal recycling
June 2024

50% participation

June 2025

100% participation

Have Questions?

We keep our FAQ page up to date with everything you need to know about both Pay As You Throw and Universal Recycling.

Looking for what can be recycled in Summit County?