Free Water Check-Ups

Do you know how much you’re using?

Find out with a free water check-up. We can help you save thousands of gallons just by getting your sprinklers, faucets and toilets in top shape. As you may remember, Summit County was in extreme drought just last year. Instead of waiting for the next one (or for local water shortages predicted by 2050), let’s protect our precious water resources now and for the future.

Slow the Flow

Slow the Flow sprinkler

Just like a car, sprinklers need an occasional check-up. Sign up to get an irrigation inspection and customized watering schedule from Resource Central.

Who’s eligible? Residential and commercial customers of the following water providers: Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne.

Tame the Tap

Tame the Tap

Learn how your use stacks up. You’ll receive on-the-spot simple fixes, a leak inspection and personalized recommendations. Rebates available for upgrades!

Who’s eligible? All Summit County residents and homeowners.

Interested in an indoor water checkup for your business? Water efficiency is one part of HC3’s sustainable business program, Resource Wise. LEARN MORE.

Tame the Tap and Slow the Flow made possible by:

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