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Meet Universal Recycling

HOAs and businesses play a vital role in protecting Summit County’s spectacular natural landscape. Coming soon, all multi-family HOAs and businesses in Breckenridge and Frisco must add onsite recycling collection.

here's How to Prepare

step 01

Understand the Requirements

Businesses and HOAs with trash collection must also have recycling service equal to 50% of their trash. 

step 02

Assess Your Space​

We offer free site visits and technical support to help you understand options for adding new containers. Contact HC3 by calling 970-668-5703 or emailing us.

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Educate Staff & Employees

Share recycling information with residents and employees, and be sure to host and document required trainings.

Universal Recycling Questions

For Businesses, HOAs and Residents with Shared Trash/Recycling Service

Commercial entities (including HOAs and businesses) that have trash service will be required to have recycling service. Half of Summit County’s commercial trash accounts with local waste haulers already have recycling collection.

Commercial entities will need to have 50% recycling volume compared to their trash service volume. For instance, a business with a 4-yard trash dumpster that is picked up weekly would need to have 2 yards of recycling each week. Recycling options include single stream and/or glass 96-gallon bins and/or cardboard collection in varying sized dumpsters. For commercial entities with public areas containing trash cans, recycling bins will need to be next to each trash can.

Businesses with liquor licenses (Frisco) and/or those who serve glass (Breckenridge) will be required to have glass recycling service. Additionally, hotels will be required to offer in-room recycling bins. HC3 is available to assist you and learn more about your business or HOA’s recycling needs. Please reach out to Allie Flynn at

HC3 will provide onsite assistance for HOAs and businesses, including site evaluations and recommendations. There is a two-year phase-in period for commercial entities to meet requirements, and an additional two-year extension available for commercial entities that provide evidence of compliance hardship. 

We also expect that local governments and/or HC3 will also have a grant process to assist HOAs and businesses with a portion of the costs to reconfigure dumpster enclosures and to add recycling signage. HC3 will also create several sample enclosure configurations and best management practices to assist HOAs and businesses.

Keep in mind that enclosure requirements vary per town. See details for Breckenridge and Frisco (page 214).

For businesses and HOAs that already have recycling service, as long as their recycling volume is 50% of their trash volume, they should not see any impacts to their bills based on the Universal Recycling program. Commercial entities that do not currently have recycling in place, will need to add recycling service, which will increase trash/recycling costs. Many businesses and HOAs find that over time (6 months to a year) – once employees, residents and/or renters learn that there is recycling collection on site – recycling volumes will increase and trash service frequency or the size of trash container will decrease, resulting in decreased costs for trash collection.

Need Help?

Call 970-668-5703 today

Do you live in a condo, apartment building or neighborhood that shares a trash enclosure? If so, please reach out to your HOA Board and have them email HC3 or your waste service provider directly.


Contact your waste provider to understand service options, start date, and pricing.
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More Information

Check out your town's requirements and resources.

Recycle Right

Single Stream: Picked Up at Your Home, Office, or HOA

recycle-plastic#1 and #2 Plastic (Bottles, Jugs, and Tubs)recycle-aluminumAluminum and tin Cans
recycle-plasticPlastic Bottles, Jugs, and Tubsrecycle-aluminumAluminum and tin Cansrecycle-paperPaperrecycle-cardboardCardboard
If you are a resident, Universal Recycling does not apply to you.