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Watering Your Garden

How you water your garden will look a little different in the first year than it will in the long term. This is because new plantings need additional water to establish deep and resilient root systems. For the first 10 days after planting, saturate the soils around your new plantings once per day. After that, reduce watering to five times each week for an additional two weeks. And finally, water approximately three times each week for the rest of the first growing season.

Once established, your plants will need little irrigation to keep them happy. Some experts suggest weekly watering as a general rule of thumb for shrubs and perennials, however your plants may need less or more depending on sun exposure, wind and summer versus fall temperatures.

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Caring For your Plants

During the growing season, care of a perennial garden mainly involves weeding, pest control and deadheading, the process of removing dead flowers to encourage new growth. Early spring maintenance includes trimming and removing old leaves, and cutting back stems.

In fall, leave the garden a bit “messy” for pollinators, birds, and insects. You should still cut back diseased or damaged plants, and plants that you don’t want to spread or go to seed.

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Amending Your Soil

Did you know that adding compost to your soil builds its health and resiliency? Compost helps soil retain moisture and absorb nutrients. You can even use it on the sections of grass you choose to keep. All you need to do is head up to the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) and purchase compost by the bag or truckload. Bring it home, spread it on your garden, and watch the magic happen.

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