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Andre and Courtney Hampton

In 2021, Breckenridge locals joined over 30 of their Wellington and Lincoln Park neighbors by installing rooftop solar panels. The bonus rebates made the decision easy.

Nico Cruz and Yes Garcia

What’s red and yellow and purple all over? An infrared camera image! This tool used by home energy auditors revealed invisible air leaks to Nico Cruz and Yes Garcia – showing them where to focus future energy efficiency projects.

Eric Nichols and Rachel Marcy

What can increase comfort, lower bills, and help fight climate change? Eric Nichols and Rachel Marcy have found the answer in energy efficiency and electrification – all with support from HC3’s rebates.

Ryan and Libby Van Gundy

After a home energy assessment, Ryan and Libby Van Gundy learned that all the warm indoor air they paid good money to heat – well, it was just leaking out the roof. Then, they took action.

Frank Halter and Pamela Paling

If you’re using pool noodles to keep home drafts at bay, it might be time for a home energy assessment. Just ask Frisco residents Frank Halter and Pamela Paling.

Stan Wagon and Joan Hutchinson

What does it take to disconnect your gas meter? A cold climate heat pump and an efficient electric cooktop.

Carly and Noah Landwehr

At 10,400 feet in elevation, Montezuma is famously cold. But Carly and Noah’s heat pump keeps their family warm.

Nicole and Jack Gervais

With solar panels on their roof and a newly energy efficient home, Nicole and Jack Gervais know they’re doing the right thing for their house and the environment.

Judy Pottle

Judy Pottle watches the seasons change from her living room window. Even when it’s cold and blustery outside, her energy efficient home keeps her – and her dog – warm and cozy.

Larry Willhite and Elaine Gelvin

Larry Willhite’s vision for Breckenridge is a community where every home is energy efficient and solar panels adorn every rooftop. To inspire his neighbors, he started with his own home. We’ll cheers to that.

Dean and Margo Fiala

Dean and Margo Fiala love their Dillon retreat. And after adding insulation and sealing air leaks, their home is cozier and their gas bill is lower.

Mitch Herr and Anne Stevens

Energy efficiency doesn’t benefit just humans. Just ask Mitch Herr and Anne Steven’s dog Peanut.

Janice Goddard

If your home is always cold, even in the summer, you might need a home energy assessment. Just ask Janice Goddard.

Andy and Marci Aerenson

When it comes to learning more about our homes, Frisco residents Andy and Marci Aerenson think energy assessments are a great idea.

John and Diane Borthwick

Planning a home remodel? It’s always a great idea to get a home energy assessment first so you can include energy efficiency in your scope of work — and get paid for the improvements you make.

Strong Future Grants are Live

These grants are designed to help local entities and government agencies prevent and reduce waste. Recieve up to $70k to make your waste diversion projects a reality!