Ask Eartha: Successful gardening at high elevations

Dear Eartha, As someone who is a total newbie to high-elevation gardening, I struggled with last year’s attempt (it was a colossal failure). What advice do you have to ensure a more fruitful season this year? If you live in the mountains, you already know that gardening at high elevations can be tricky. At 9,000 […]

Ask Eartha: Should I make the switch from a gas stovetop to an induction range in my kitchen?

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard a lot about induction cooking, but can anything really be better than gas? What’s better than cooking with gas? How about breathing clean air? Americans, on average, spend 90% of their lives indoors. That may come as a surprise since so many Summit County folks don’t skew “average American” when it comes […]

Ask Eartha: It’s time for spring cleaning, so what do I do with all of these skis and snowboards?

Dear Eartha, it’s time for spring cleaning. I’m inundated with old skis and snowboards. Can I donate these? What are my options? Spring has officially arrived, and, if you’re like me, you’ve got the itch to jumpstart your spring-cleaning projects and declutter your gear while transitioning to the new season. Funny enough, questions about donating […]