Construction Waste Planning for Builders Workshop

February 15 | 4 – 5pm | FreeSummit County Senior Center, Hoosier Room, 83 Nancy’s Place, Frisco, CO 80443 RSVP today and have your voice heard. Local building professionals – Summit County needs your input! Construction and demolition, or C&D, waste is rapidly adding up in the local landfill. Landfill data shows that 30% of […]

Ask Eartha: Dealing with Holiday Waste

Dear Eartha, Every year around the holidays, I consider getting rid of my old lights that don’t work anymore. Do I have any options in Summit County? What about the dying tree dropping needles all over my floor?  The holidays have come and gone, and you might be wondering what to do with all the […]

Ask Eartha: Sustainable New Years Resolutions

Dear Eartha, the more I see climate change affecting our planet, the more motivated I feel to begin 2022 with a resolution that helps fight climate change. But I feel totally overwhelmed on where to start. Do you have any ideas for me? Your enthusiasm is inspiring! Faced with such a large-scale problem, I understand […]

Ask Eartha: Reduce Holiday Waste

Dear Eartha, I love the holidays. I love baking a ton of cookies, decorating my home, and wrapping gifts fit for a photoshoot. I realize it’s wasteful, but I’m not ready to give up my holiday traditions. Do you have any advice for me? There’s no shame in celebrating the holidays and sharing your giving […]

Ask Eartha: Turn Gratitude into Action

Dear Eartha, I was so thankful to be able to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday, and my family expressed the same. But when I see all the holiday trash and wastefulness, all those thank yous for all that we have feel a little empty. Do you have any advice for me? In this holiday season […]

Ask Eartha: Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Dear Eartha, The looming wastefulness that often comes with the holidays puts a damper on my festive spirit. How can I mitigate the waste yet still make the holidays extra special for green-minded loved ones? Beyond profuse consumption and the myriad of plastic-based gifts that will inevitably spend the next thousand of years in a […]

Ask Eartha: America Recycles Day

Dear Eartha, I just moved here for the season and my condo doesn’t have recycling. What’s up with that? Is there anything I can do with my recyclables? Kudos to you for caring about your new home and community! Also, great timing. Today is America Recycles Day. November 15 marks the day that the Environmental […]

Ask Eartha: Sustainable Halloween Tips

Dear Eartha, my Halloween pumpkin is a drooping mess, and what should I do with all this candy? This is the time of year when Halloween pumpkins turn really spooky. Oozing, collapsing and growing all manner of fungi. And yes, you CAN compost the moldy mess for free, now through Nov. 14 at the Breckenridge, Frisco […]