Ask Eartha: Why is recycling so different in Summit?

Dear Eartha, On a recent vacation to Summit County, I noticed that the items accepted in my condo recycling bin were much more limited than what we can recycle at home. Why is recycling so different from place to place? I can relate to your frustration. For example, my friends in Ohio can recycle plastic […]

Ask Eartha: Need new lawn gear? Here are some tips.

Dear Eartha, Now that the snow’s melting, my yard is coming back to life! My old lawnmower is due to be replaced soon. Before I pick up another gas-powered mower, are there other options I should check out? These days, you can electrify your car, your home heating system, your water heater, your cooktop — […]

Ask Eartha: Successful gardening at high elevations

Dear Eartha, As someone who is a total newbie to high-elevation gardening, I struggled with last year’s attempt (it was a colossal failure). What advice do you have to ensure a more fruitful season this year? If you live in the mountains, you already know that gardening at high elevations can be tricky. At 9,000 […]