Ask Eartha: How can restaurants start composting?

Dear Eartha, I collect my food scraps at home but the restaurant I work at doesn’t. I’d like to help them start composting. How do I start? High five for composting your food scraps! You’ve joined over 2,300 Summit County residents who all use High Country Conservation Center’s (HC3) free Food Scrap Program. Just this […]

Free Pumpkin Composting

This Halloween don’t trash your pumpkins – instead turn them into high country compost! FREE PUMPKIN COMPOSTING OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Available Saturday, October 29th through Sunday, November 13th at the Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne Recycling Centers. There will be clearly marked pumpkin composting bins at the drop off centers. Please remove candles, artificial lighting, […]

Ask Eartha: What can I do with household hazardous waste?

Dear Eartha, I have some old paint and fertilizer in my garage. I think they’re recyclable in Summit County, but I don’t know where. Can you help? Both items you mention are considered household hazardous waste, leftover household products that can catch fire, react, explode or are considered corrosive or toxic. The waste also includes things […]