Ask Eartha: How do solar panels work?

Dear Eartha, I’m interested in getting solar panels, but I have to admit…I’m not sure how they work. Can you break it down for me? Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on Eartha. How abundant? In just 90 minutes, enough solar energy hits the planet to power worldwide energy consumption for a […]

Ask Eartha: Water Shortages

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard more and more about the water shortage impacting Colorado and other western states. What can I do to reduce the amount of water I use at home? Water conservation is a very important topic everywhere, but especially here in the western part of the US. While shortening your shower and installing […]

Ask Eartha: Vehicle Idling

Dear Eartha, I don’t have a garage, and it’s been really cold lately. I always let my car warm up for 10 – 15 minutes, but I feel guilty about it. Is it so wrong? What’s a better alternative? I get it – it’s been cold and snowy and cleaning off frozen windshields is definitely […]

Ask Eartha: Circular Economies

Dear Eartha, what is a circular economy? Are there any local examples? Great question, as this is a term that I hope we all hear more about in the future. Factors such as climate change, population growth, unsustainable lifestyles and dwindling resources are pressuring global economies to evolve. One such evolution is that circular economies […]