Ask Eartha: What should I do with my bountiful garden?

Dear Eartha, Every summer I start my vegetable garden with the best intentions for healthy eating. And despite finding a ton of new ways to enjoy kale, here I am again, with more greens than one person can possibly handle. Any suggestions for planning my garden differently next summer? At our altitude, vegetable gardening is […]

Ask Eartha: A wardrobe with a conscience

Dear Eartha, I just did a major closet clean-out, and I have a stash of old clothes ready for a new adventure. What’s the scoop on clothing donations and recycling these days? Cleaning out your closet can be both refreshing and rewarding, revealing forgotten treasures. But what do you do with those clothing items that […]

Ask Eartha: Talking about sustainable camping

Dear Eartha, I am ready to roast some marshmallows without toasting the planet. How can I embark on an eco-friendly camping adventure?   I recently returned from camping with pockets full of snack wrappers. How is it that I generated more trash while “roughing it” than I do on the daily?!  While camping is an excellent […]

Ask Eartha: Breaking down EV incentives

Dear Eartha, I am interested in buying an electric car and am trying to figure out all the rebates, but it’s so confusing. Help! As someone doing her own electric vehicle shopping, I know firsthand that navigating through the rebates and incentives can be a real head-scratcher. But fear not — we’ve got this. Federal […]