ASK EARTHA: A Solution for Plastic Pollution

Dear Eartha, it seems impossible to not buy products covered in plastic packaging. It’s so frustrating because most of it is not recyclable. Is there a way out of this mess? Yes, plastic is everywhere. And it’s getting worse. As renewable energy gains momentum – decreasing the demand for fuel – the oil and gas industry […]

ASK EARTHA: What’s Going On With Lake Mead?

Dear Eartha, I came across a recent headline that said Lake Mead is experiencing a historic water shortage – what’s going on!?   There’s no question about it – the West is dry. Locally, we’re experiencing changes like hotter weather, shrinking snowpack, and increased fire danger. And now, miles away, the situation in Lake Mead, the […]

ASK EARTHA: How to Efficiently Cool Your Home

Dear Eartha, Is it just me, or does it feel hotter this summer? Am I crazy for thinking about getting an air conditioner?   As rapper Nelly presaged, “It’s getting hot in here.” And while he definitely wasn’t referring to heat building up in the atmosphere, he was right. It is getting hotter. And not just […]

Ask Eartha: What’s Up with Carton Recycling?

Dear Eartha, I’ve noticed that there is a new container at the drop-off centers for food and beverage cartons. How can I tell what is a recyclable carton? Do these cartons actually get recycled and what are they being used for?  -Riley, Dillon  Thanks for bringing your confusion to my attention. I’m delighted that locals can […]

ASK Eartha: Check for Gas Leaks

Dear Eartha, I’ve been having huge energy bills over the last few months. The strange thing is that I’ve had my heat off since mid-April. According to my energy bill, the majority of my costs are on the gas side, not electric. What is going on!?  This very question pinged into my inbox around noon on […]

ASK EARTHA: Sustainable Summer Activities

Dear Eartha, I camp – a lot – and I could certainly be better about what happens with my waste. Do you have any suggestions on how to make my camping excursions more environmentally friendly?  Dispersed camping is free and popular in Summit County. Because of our rich mining history, the dozens of dirt roads that […]

ASK EARTHA: Saving Water in a Megadrought

Dear Eartha, Megadrought in the West headlines are all over my newsfeed. Can you break it down for me?   As I sit here and read the same headlines about drought in the West, I am literally and figuratively sweating. Summer temperatures are already breaking records here in Colorado and while the headlines might be starting […]