Ask Eartha: A Call for Energy Efficiency Professionals

Dear Eartha, I just had an energy assessment done, which got me really excited about completing energy efficiency projects for my home. But now I’m having trouble getting anyone scheduled to come to do the work. Why is it so hard to line up contractors for these types of projects? The demand for energy efficiency […]

Ask Eartha: Energy and Happiness

Dear Eartha, I know that to fight climate change, we all need to use less gas and less energy. But do I have to give up my creature comforts? How can I find some balance? This is an important question to consider in the wake of yet more discouraging news from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

Ask Eartha: Electrifying the Future

Dear Eartha, I’m trying to decrease my carbon footprint at home. I subscribe to a renewable electricity program but what do I do about heating with natural gas? I want to save, but I don’t want to live in an igloo! This is an excellent question to ponder as we enter heating season – or, […]

ASK EARTHA: How to Efficiently Cool Your Home

Dear Eartha, Is it just me, or does it feel hotter this summer? Am I crazy for thinking about getting an air conditioner?   As rapper Nelly presaged, “It’s getting hot in here.” And while he definitely wasn’t referring to heat building up in the atmosphere, he was right. It is getting hotter. And not just […]

ASK EARTHA: Combatting Climate Change

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard that to avoid the scariest impacts of climate change, we humans need to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Are we doing enough to get there? What would it take to hit that target?  As we emerge from the Covid reality of the past year, it’s worth reflecting on the world we’re […]

ASK EARTHA: Solar Energy – How to Get Started

Dear Eartha, Last year, my neighbor installed solar panels on her roof, and she loves them. I’m interested in solar now, too. How do I get started?  When you pause to think about it, solar energy is pretty rad. The most abundant source of energy on Earth, it powers nearly everything around us – growing the […]

ASK EARTHA: Cooking With Gas

Dear Eartha, My gas stove is on its last leg. When I was looking for replacements, I read that  gas appliances can cause poor air quality. I love cooking with gas, but is it healthier to cook with an electric stove? With the average American spending nearly 90 percent of their time indoors – maybe […]

ASK EARTHA: What to Know About Building Codes

Dear Eartha, I’ve been hearing some rumblings about new construction codes in the county. As a local Realtor, what should I know about these updated codes? Will these changes improve the energy efficiency of new homes? With a new set of codes in effect across the community, sustainable construction has certainly taken a step forward. […]

ASK EARTHA: Rx For Home Energy Efficiency

Dear Eartha, I saw an ad in the paper advertising free home energy assessments. I’ve been thinking of signing up because my energy bills are so high. What can I expect from the process? As dedicated readers know, I’m all about conservation. And I especially love energy efficiency because it’s not only good for the […]

Easy Fixes for an Efficient Home

Dear Eartha, I spent so much money last winter to heat my home, and I still felt cold! Is there anything I can do so my house stays warm and my bills stay low? –Don, Summit Cove It’s that time of year, Don. When the first dusting of snow appears on the peaks of the […]