Ask Eartha: ‘Aren’t we all just doomed anyway?’ No, but it’s easy to fall for doomscrolling.

Dear Eartha, headlines about the declining Colorado River, and extreme weather being a ‘new normal’ makes me wonder what difference it actually makes to change our lifestyles. Aren’t we all just doomed anyway? Believe me, it’s easy to feel helpless and unmoored when contemplating a future with less water and a growing number of billion-dollar weather […]

Ask Eartha: Santa’s carbon footprint

Dear Eartha, Santa flies around the world in one night – wouldn’t that generate a pretty big carbon footprint? Just like Buddy the elf says, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is … talking about climate change! I might have taken a few liberties with that quote, but I promise I’m not about to […]

Ask Eartha: What happens to recycling in Summit County?

Dear Eartha, As I learn more about recycling guidelines, and what is or isn’t accepted, it seems like I can’t recycle anything in Summit County! What gives? I applaud you for digging into local guidelines. Recycling can indeed be complicated, and answering your question means looking beyond Summit County. Let’s follow the journey your recycling […]

Ask Eartha: What is the difference between aluminum and plastic?

Dear Eartha, Recently I noticed that some grocery stores offer aluminum water bottles in addition to plastic water bottles. Both are recyclable, does it really matter which one I buy? Despite many of us owning (and occasionally forgetting to bring) reusable bottles, consumption of bottled water is on the rise. In 2020, Americans consumed 15 billion gallons — […]