Ask Eartha: Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Dear Eartha, The looming wastefulness that often comes with the holidays puts a damper on my festive spirit. How can I mitigate the waste yet still make the holidays extra special for green-minded loved ones? Beyond profuse consumption and the myriad of plastic-based gifts that will inevitably spend the next thousand of years in a […]

Ask Eartha: America Recycles Day

Dear Eartha, I just moved here for the season and my condo doesn’t have recycling. What’s up with that? Is there anything I can do with my recyclables? Kudos to you for caring about your new home and community! Also, great timing. Today is America Recycles Day. November 15 marks the day that the Environmental […]

Ask Eartha: Eco-friendly Ski Wax

Dear Eartha, I have heard about toxins that are in our ski waxes and other products. Is that true? What do I need to know? If you’re like me, these recent flurries have you unpacking your winter gear for the season and eagerly anticipating the feeling of gliding down fresh snow on newly waxed skis. Getting […]

ASK EARTHA: What are the environmental concerns for a real and a fake tree?

Dear Eartha, I’m looking into purchasing an artificial Christmas tree this holiday season. What are the environmental concerns for a real and a fake tree? Amy, Frisco With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of Americans are beginning preparations and will soon be weighing the options with regards to their Christmas tree. An age-old tradition, Christmas […]

Ask Eartha: Sustainable Halloween Tips

Dear Eartha, My Halloween pumpkin is a drooping mess. Is pumpkin composting available this year? This is the time of year when Halloween pumpkins turn really spooky. Oozing, collapsing and growing all manner of fungi. And yes, you CAN compost the moldy mess for free, now through Nov. 14 at the Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne recycling […]

ASK EARTHA: Sustainable Grocery Shopping

Dear Eartha, I loved all the fresh Colorado veggies offered this summer at the Dillon Farmer’s Market. Now that the market is wrapped up for 2021, how can I continue to find earth-friendly food while shopping for groceries? If you’re like me, you care about where your food comes from, and that means you probably […]