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Ask Eartha: How Can I Take Part in Fix A Leak Week?

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard of an upcoming campaign called Fix-A-Leak Week. I live near the Blue River and have a passion for conserving our limited water resources in the Mountain West. How can I take part? I appreciate your interest in water conservation! I, too, have a penchant for limiting my household’s water consumption, and […]

Common Recycling Questions

Dear Eartha, I’m just getting into the habit of recycling, and I have a few questions for you. Do I need to rinse out containers before I put them in the recycling bin? Can I recycle aluminum foil? Do I need to remove caps before recycling bottles? Dustin, Montezuma Thanks for asking, Dustin. These are […]

Ask Eartha: What Should I Know About Radon?

Dear Eartha, Some of my neighbors have tested for radon in their homes and are now working to remedy issues they have found. What should I know about radon, and when should I take action? Stacy, Breckenridge The first thing to know about radon is that it’s a carcinogenic gas, responsible for roughly 20,000 lung […]

How to Mitigate Post-Holiday Waste

Dear Eartha, My family had a great holiday, but we have some gift items that we’d like to return. What happens to those returns when I take them back to the store? Happy new year! We’re so glad that you asked this question because returning unwanted goods to the store can have a major impact […]