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Ask Eartha: What Does Zero Waste Mean?

Hey Eartha, I saw a lot of people in green shirts at the Frisco BBQ and they were helping people recycle. They said they were striving for “zero waste.” What does that mean? —Dorothy from Blue River Hi Dorothy, I hope you enjoyed some scrumptious BBQ and I am so glad you noticed the zero […]

Ask Eartha: Sustainable Business Program

Dear Eartha, I’ve been striving to live more sustainably over the past few years and want to make a better effort at my business. What tips do you have for someone trying to bring sustainability into the workplace? While your efforts to live more sustainably at home are commendable, we’re very excited about your interest […]

Ask Eartha: What Happens to Your Recycling?

Dear Eartha,Recycling has been in the news lately, and it reminded me about a thread I saw on Facebook last year. Can you set the record straight — what happens to my recyclables after I put them out on the curb?Sarah, BreckenridgeThanks for your question, Sarah. I set my recycling container on the curb just […]

Ask Eartha: 10 Ways to Protect Our Waterways

Dear Eartha, I’m trying to be a better water steward. What are some ways to improve water quality? Glad you’re interested in preserving water quality. Water stewardship is a key component to keeping our waterways clean, our drinking water safe, and protecting aquatic life. Water pollution occurs everywhere, and everyone should do their part to […]

Ask Eartha: Diminishing Your Carbon Footprint

Dear Eartha, I’d like to decrease my carbon footprint. I have a good understanding of how to decrease my home energy use, and I know that I can buy renewable electricity from Xcel Energy. I’m also trying to purchase less, waste less, and eat less meat. But I can’t afford an electric car right now, […]

Ask Eartha: Does Recycling Plastic Really Help?

Dear Eartha, This past Earth Day I learned a lot about the plastic pollution problem our planet is facing, and I am curious about how plastic recycling can help make a difference. Does recycling really help? Thank you for your question. And, yes you are correct that plastic pollution is indeed a serious problem that […]

Drink Beer for Conservation

Pint for the Planet is happening now! For the entire month of February, you can support HC3 by grabbing a beer at some of your favorite local breweries.