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Dear Eartha, I love the Fourth of July but hate all the waste. How can we celebrate our Independence Day in a sustainable and eco-friendly way while still having a blast?

As we gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July, it’s important to remember that we can honor our country’s values by making environmentally conscious choices. This year, let’s reimagine the way we commemorate Independence Day by incorporating sustainable practices into our festivities. From hosting eco-friendly barbecues and picnics with locally sourced, organic food to embracing alternatives to single-use plastics, we have the power to make a positive impact. Together, we can show that celebrating our nation’s independence can go hand in hand with caring for the planet!

Get your grill on

Ignite your Fourth of July celebration with a sizzling twist! Before you fire up the grill, let’s spice things up with an eco-friendly approach to grilling. Swap out the traditional charcoal grill for a propane or natural gas grill. Charcoal production is notorious for its inefficiency, losing over three-quarters of the wood’s heating value, while natural gas and propane retain about 90% of their heat. Gas grills deliver efficient performance and quick heat-up times. Meanwhile, electric grills, although seemingly eco-friendly, may have a larger carbon footprint if powered by fossil fuels.

Now that you have your green grilling game on, let’s turn up the flavor by supporting our local farmers. Swing by the Dillon Farmers’ Market for your produce, cheeses and treats. Embrace seasonal fruits and veggies from Uncle John’s Farm Stand that take your taste buds on a journey through the vibrant flavors of our region, all while minimizing those pesky transportation emissions.

Ditch disposable dinnerware

Level up your Fourth of July festivities and show off your eco-patriotism by ditching the disposable and going reusable. Wave goodbye to wasteful plates, cups and cutlery and say hello to a greener celebration. Check out local thrift stores like Habitat for Humanity Re Store or ReSaddled Thrift Store to pick out your new (to you) kitchenware. Picture a picnic table with stylish and durable plates, funky cups and cutlery that’s ready for action, all while giving a big high-five to Mother Earth. With every bite and sip, you’ll be enjoying a guilt-free feast and making a positive impact on the environment.

Waste Reducing Champion

Transform your barbecue into an eco-friendly extravaganza by kickstarting the recycling party. Take your sustainability efforts up a notch by setting up dedicated recycling stations that guide your guests to the right bins for different materials. With clearly marked bins for plastic, glass, paper and more, you’ll make recycling a breeze for everyone. And to ensure you’re recycling like a pro, don’t forget to visit the High Country Conservation Center’s website, where you’ll find comprehensive recycling guidelines.

Let’s be real, sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. When it comes to food, let’s rock portion planning and get creative with leftovers. Think outside the box and transform those extra bites into delicious new creations. And hey, don’t forget about HC3’s food scrap recycling program. Grab your free composting bucket from the High Country Conservation Center’s Frisco office and become a waste-reducing champion. When your bucket is full, drop off those nutrient-rich food scraps at the conveniently located collection bins across the county. Together, we’ll keep the party going while minimizing our carbon footprint and giving back to our beautiful Summit County.

Forgo the fireworks

Embrace a new Fourth of July tradition that celebrates our local community and the environment. Say goodbye to the noise and harm of fireworks and opt for a more sustainable approach. Let nature take the spotlight by immersing yourself in the stunning beauty of our mountains through a refreshing hike on one of our incredible local trails featured in the Summit Daily News Trail Guide. And for a touch of nighttime magic, gather your friends outside and sit below the twinkling stars for an evening of laughter, storytelling and a memorable celebration.

This Fourth of July let’s celebrate our nation’s independence while also demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. By making mindful choices such as supporting local businesses, reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices, we can create a truly sustainable celebration. So, let’s raise our reusable cups, and make this Fourth of July a truly green and patriotic celebration!

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