Ask Eartha: What is Earth Month?

Dear Eartha, I’ve caught wind that April is Earth Month. I’m familiar with Earth Day, but what exactly goes down during Earth Month?Earth Month is a celebration and dedication to our planet that extends beyond just Earth Day. We all know that Mother Earth deserves more than one day of celebration! Throughout the month, various […]

Ask Eartha: How do recycling grants work?

Dear Eartha, I heard about some recycling grants through High Country Conservation Center and I have some ideas to get recycling started at my condo. How do the grants work?You heard right, funding is available for recycling projects in your homeowner’s association, neighborhood, school, business, or nonprofit. If you’re thinking about applying, consider going beyond […]

Ask Eartha: Can you drive an EV in the winter?

Dear Eartha, can I drive an electric car in cold weather?On any given day in Summit County, you’re sure to spot electric cars cruising the roads. Which lends an easy answer to this question: Yes, they can be driven in the cold. In fact, there are currently 861 electric vehicles (EVs for short) registered in […]

Ask Eartha: What are the benefits of composting?

Dear Eartha, I know composting is good for our environment. Outside of creating a healthier soil environment for plants, what other benefits does composting provide our community?  Thank you for the great question. Composting has been part of humankind since early civilizations began practicing agriculture. While the process has evolved over thousands of years, composting […]

Ask Eartha: Who Won the Green Scene Awards?

Dear Eartha, I have noticed a lot of businesses and community members working hard to make the county more environmentally friendly. Do their actions get recognized?It is great to hear that you have noticed environmental action being taken in Summit County! We are lucky to live in a place where businesses and individuals go out […]

Ask Eartha: How do I reduce my waste?

Recycling has always been the right thing to do. But now we know that recycling isn’t the only way to avoid throwing things in the trash. Sometimes, throwing away less stuff just means doing things differently.Brought to you by the letter ‘R’Since grade school, many of us have been taught the importance of the three […]