ASK EARTHA: Dog Poop and the Environment

Dear Eartha, the amount of dog poop I see around town and on our trails is concerning. Is it bad for the environment when our dogs do their business and it’s not picked up?  We have all seen or smelled the landmines that our dogs leave behind when it’s time for them to go. The impact […]

ASK EARTHA: Environmental News to Make You Happy

Dear Eartha, it feels like nothing went right in 2020. What environmental success stories can I reflect on to brighten my mood heading into the New Year?   There is no denying, 2020 was a tough year. However, while the news was often flooded with anxiety-ridden headlines, there is still a lot to celebrate. In the […]


Dear Eartha, my neighbor is on our HOA board and said they’re thinking of dropping our recycling program because it’s such a mess. There was a ton of trash in our recycling over the holidays, but I’m not sure if it’s the people who live here or visitors. Is there anything we can do to […]

ASK EARTHA: New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Eartha, Every year, I make a New Year’s resolution to adopt one new habit to make my life more sustainable. A friend called me a hypocrite, because no matter what I do, I’ll still have an environmental impact. His comment bummed me out. What can one person really do, anyway? “Bah-humbug,” I say to your […]