Ask Eartha: Sustainable Grocery Shopping

Dear Eartha, I loved all the fresh Colorado veggies offered this summer at the Dillon Farmer’s Market. Now that the market is wrapped up for 2021, how can I continue to find earth-friendly food while shopping for groceries? If you’re like me, you care about where your food comes from, and that means you probably […]

ASK EARTHA: How To Waste Less Food

Dear Eartha, I was gifted some reusable produce bags, which are great for grocery shopping. But when I put my veggies in the fridge, none of it stays fresh. I like the idea of using less plastic, but it’s not working for me. Any tips?  Reusable produce bags are an increasingly popular way to reduce plastic […]

ASK EARTHA: Getting Kids into Climate Action

Dear Eartha, recent news about climate change has got me thinking about my role as a parent and how to teach my kids about environmental stewardship. How can Summit County youth learn more about climate change without being totally overwhelmed?  As a parent, it can be daunting to hear alarming news about the unexpected pace of […]

ASK EARTHA: Beware of Greenwashing

Dear Eartha, I recently ordered laundry detergent sheets to reduce my plastic consumption, but the items arrived in a giant plastic envelope and the sheets were inside yet another plastic bag. It’s frustrating that a product claiming to be eco-friendly and plastic-free was not. What can I do?  Good-for-the-planet products seem to be everywhere. On one […]

ASK EARTHA: Local Plastic Bag Bans Are in Effect

Dear Eartha, I keep hearing about this plastic bag ban. How will this impact the businesses I frequent and myself personally?  If you’ve shopped at the City Market in Dillon over the past few weeks, you might have noticed something missing at the checkout: plastic bags! If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the scoop: […]