ASK EARTHA: Rx For Home Energy Efficiency

Dear Eartha, I saw an ad in the paper advertising free home energy assessments. I’ve been thinking of signing up because my energy bills are so high. What can I expect from the process? As dedicated readers know, I’m all about conservation. And I especially love energy efficiency because it’s not only good for the […]

ASK EARTHA: 5 Ways to Reduce Plastic at the Grocery Store

Dear Eartha, I try to avoid plastic when I go grocery shopping, but it seems practically impossible. What can I do? The grocery store can be stressful enough remembering COVID-19 precautions, dodging your chatty neighbor, and managing coupon expiration dates, not to mention reducing plastic waste. Right here in Summit County, for every 100 pounds […]

Ask Eartha: Reducing Indoor Water Use

Dear Eartha, my friends just remodeled their bathroom and upgraded to a low-flow toilet. Does that really have an impact? On average in the United States, water from the tap, toilet, dishwasher, and other appliances adds up to about 138 gallons per household per day. That’s roughly 60 gallons per person per day, and it’s […]