ASK EARTHA: Cooking With Gas

Dear Eartha, My gas stove is on its last leg. When I was looking for replacements, I read that  gas appliances can cause poor air quality. I love cooking with gas, but is it healthier to cook with an electric stove? With the average American spending nearly 90 percent of their time indoors – maybe […]

ASK EARTHA: Holiday Recycling Tips

Dear Eartha, holiday cards from friends and family are already lining my shelves. Can I recycle cards? What about wrapping paper? When it’s time to dispose of our worn-out holiday decorations, it can be difficult to know whether they go in recycling or trash. But don’t get discouraged. With a few simple steps you can […]

ASK EARTHA: E-Waste Recycling

Dear Eartha, I have a bunch of electronics on my Black Friday shopping list, and I am wondering what I should do with my old ones? Although Black Friday may look a little different this year because of Covid-19, it is not going to stop millions of Americans from spending on the biggest shopping holiday. […]

ASK EARTHA: Berry Containers and Clam Shells

Dear Eartha, could you help settle a friendly bet? I thought berry containers were trash, but my husband swears they are fine in our home recycling bin (where we mix paper, cans and plastic). Who’s right?With apologies to your husband – I hope he owes you a nice dinner! – you are correct. Berry containers, […]

ASK EARTHA: Four Myths of Electric Vehicles

Dear Eartha, I’m thinking about getting an electric car, but I’m just not convinced they can handle winter driving. What’s your take? The future, dear readers, is electric! This is important because it will benefit our rapidly warming climate, our wallets, and our health. A Transportation Evolution According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, […]

ASK EARTHA: What To Do With Fallen Leaves

Dear Eartha, It’s Halloween but it’s my garden and yard that are really scary. What should I do with the fallen leaves, withering pumpkins, and neglected garden? October gave us some beautiful days so it’s no wonder you’ve let fall chores pile up. And now that Halloween has arrived, it is time to meet your to-do […]