Ask Eartha: Why should I collect my food scraps?

Dear Eartha, I heard that the local food scrap recycling program is now free to Summit County residents. What’s the big deal with composting my food scraps and how can I participate? Great question! You heard correct, the Summit County Food Scrap Recycling program is now free to Summit County residents, thanks to funding from […]

Ask Eartha: How to Sustainably Cooking Outside

Dear Eartha, I get tired of using my kitchen stove and oven to cook when my home is hot in the summer. Do you have any creative ideas on how to cook outside sustainably? – Mark, Silverthorne That’s an interesting question, Mark. Most of us up here in the High Country don’t have air conditioning, […]

Can I Compost Dissolvable Packing Peanuts?

Dear Eartha, I recently received a package with white peanuts that dissolve in water.  I assume they are made of starch or at least I’ve heard of that.  Can I compost them? The first time I received a package with what appeared to be puffy cereal protecting the contents, I began investigating them myself. Turns out, […]

Ask Eartha: How Can I Make My Events Zero Waste?

Dear Eartha, I saw all the people in green shirts helping with recycling at the Frisco BBQ, and now I’m feeling inspired. I’m planning an event this summer – how do I make it zero waste? As you know, summer is events season in Summit County! I’m so excited to read that you’re interested in […]