Ask Eartha: Energy Conservation Made Easy

Dear Eartha, I heard some buzz this week about an energy conservation day. What can I do to partake in energy conservation here in Summit? – Nancy, Frisco Thank you for your timely question this week. World Energy Conservation Day is indeed today, and the intention is to highlight the importance of energy consumption and […]

Ask Eartha: Let’s Talk Climate Change

Dear Eartha, Over Thanksgiving, I had a difficult conversation with one of my family members about climate change. What are your tips for talking to deniers and should I even worry about them? – Gary, Blue River Thanks for your question this week, Gary — gotta love those awkward family conversations and the internal struggle […]

Ask Eartha: What Does Your Meat Label Say?

Dear Eartha, I want to start purchasing more humanely-raised meat for my family, but I’m not sure where to begin with all the options, certifications, claims, etc. on labels out there. I’m a little overwhelmed. Can you help? I think this is a question we’d all like a solid answer to, especially when we’re rushing […]

Ask Eartha: Where Can I Recycle Automotive Fluids?

Dear Eartha, I have accumulated a variety of automotive fluids from different cars and dirt bikes. Where and how can these be recycled in Summit County? – Zach, Breckenridge Zach, your question is an important one, and thank you for being a good steward of our environment by recycling your automotive fluids. Did you know […]

Ask Eartha: Ballot Measure 1A and Beyond

Dear Eartha, I saw that recycling is up for vote this November through ballot initiative 1A. I already recycle and I don’t understand why it’s lumped with all these other things. Can you shed a little light? – Jared, Silverthorne Jared, thank you so much for your question — it’s so important to understand the […]