I live in: Frisco, CO
    I work at: Western Land Group and Frisco Town Councilwoman
    I joined the board:  Sept 2020
    I joined the board because:  HC3 is the glue that holds together all-things-environmental in Summit County; I want to represent the Frisco community on the Board and continue to challenge ourselves to go further and become more sustainable every day.
    My passion is:  Exploring the outdoors with my family.
    My favorite “green” thing to do is:  Riding my bike to Town Council meetings.
    The craziest thing I have ever done in the name of sustainability is: A main reason I ran for Town Council was that I wasn’t seeing enough action on sustainability at the local policy level. So, as soon as I was elected in 2018, I got to work with my fellow council members to turn it up a notch on sustainability in Frisco. In the last 2 years, we have adopted the Climate Action Plan, the Sustainable Building Code, and a $0.25 bag fee (the highest in the state of Colorado). We continue to look for new ways to push the envelope and become a model community for sustainability!

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