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Carton Recycling

Cartons can be dropped off at Breckenridge, Frisco, and Silverthorne recycling centers. Please rinse, remove caps, and flatten cartons before putting into bins.
Cartons are NOT accepted in your single stream/curbside recycling.

ACCEPTED: Juice, Milk, Soup, and Broth cartons

Flat top cartons such as small juice boxes, broth, soup, or coconut water.

Gable topped (pitched roof) are typically found with dairy or plant-based milk, creamers, egg substitutes, and juice.

NOT ACCEPTED in Carton Recycling

Pizza boxes, cereal boxes, plastic/Tupperware, Styrofoam, egg cartons, coffee cups, takeout containers, or ice cream container.

This recycling service is made possible thanks to the Summit County Strong Future Initiative. Through this initiative, Summit County Government is expanding recycling programs to reach the community goal of 40 percent diversion by 2035. Stay informed on new programs by signing up for HC3’s monthly newsletter.

Strong Future Grants are Live

These grants are designed to help local entities and government agencies prevent and reduce waste. Recieve up to $70k to make your waste diversion projects a reality!