Please take electronics to the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP).

There are many places that appreciate donations for working cell phones. All local Town Halls collect cell phones on behalf of Advocates for Victims of Assault in Summit County. The Summit County Builders Association also takes working cell phones for donation to disaster relief programs.

All other electronics can be taken to the SCRAP to be recycled.
Fees are as follows: 

  • VCRs and DVD players = FREE for residents | $9 for non-residents
  • Computer Monitors = FREE for residents | $9 for non-residents
  • CPUs (towers) and laptops = FREE for residents | $9 for non-residents
  • Large printers and scanners = FREE for residents | $20 for non-residents
  • TVs greater than 25″ = FREE for residents | $.50 per pound for non-residents
  • Large loads of electronics will be weighed at 50 cents per pound.
  • All peripherals (keyboards, mice, small printers, phones, etc) = FREE

PLEASE do not attempt to recycle the following items:
These items should be taken to the landfill.

  • Lava Lamps
  • Speakers (these are mainly wooden and contain very little electronic components)
  • Old TVs with wooden casing
  • Electronic toys

Click HERE to visit SCRAP Website

Click below for Google Maps directions to the SCRAP

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