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What is Community solar?

A community solar garden is a large collection of solar panels that benefit multiple households and businesses. When you subscribe to a solar garden, you are assigned a portion of those panels, and you receive monthly savings on your electric bill for the electricity your panels produce. Because the solar panels are located elsewhere in Colorado, no equipment is installed on your home or apartment. This makes community solar a great option for folks who – for a variety of reasons – can’t put solar panels on their rooftops.

With programs designed especially for income-qualifying subscribers, there’s an affordable solar garden option for everyone. Don’t own your home? No problem. All you need is an Xcel Energy account.

US Solar Garden with Butterfly
US Solar Garden with Flowers
Community Solar for All

Solar garden developer US Solar is building several solar gardens in the Front Range, and subscriptions are available for Xcel Energy customers.

US Solar guarantees 5% bill credit savings for all subscribers. What does this mean? As a subscriber, you’ll receive credits on your Xcel bill for the electricity your panels produce. You’ll also pay a subscription fee to US Solar, but the fee is guaranteed to be less than the credits you receive each month, meaning you can benefit from 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost. And for every new Summit County subscriber that signs up by January 8, 2023, US Solar will donate $100 to HC3.

We know it sounds too good to be true. Sign up to learn more and get your questions answered with no obligation to enroll.

Income-Qualified Community Solar

Non-profit Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) has a free community solar program to reduce annual electricity bills by up to 50% for limited-income renters and homeowners.

To qualify, your household income must be at 80% or less of Summit County’s Area Median Income. Households that qualify for LEAP are also eligible. 

Program applications are available in both English and Spanish. For questions, including verifying eligibility, contact EOC directly.

Solar Garden

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"Our electric bill is $0 every month."

Jenni & Bret

"Our vision is to have the whole neighborhood go solar."

Larry & Elaine
Your neighbors are going solar

Interested in rooftop solar? Check out our Solarize Summit program.