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Best known for their fish and shrimp tacos, Chimayo Grill has been a staple in Summit County since 1998. Owners Frank and Teresa have lived in Summit County since the mid-90’s. They purchased the Dillon business in 2008 and have been hands-on in the daily operations ever since. Now ready to take on another sister-restaurant in Silverthorne, Baya Chimayo, they are grateful for the support of locals that made their new endeavor a reality.  

Chimayo Grill joined Resource Wise in 2020 with the motivation to contribute to the health of the community. “Sustainability has become alarmingly important, and with all the tourism that we see, this is a vital responsibility on all our shoulders,” said owner Teresa Toczek. Chimayo decided to pursue an LED lighting upgrade to reduce energy usage and save on energy bills. “We do believe this is where everyone should move towards – LED lights are eco-friendly, use less energy, and don’t emit heat,” said Teresa. The upgrade will result in $544 in annual savings and has a payback period of just 1.4 years.

Project Details

Efficiency improvement: LED lighting
Annual savings: $544
Lifetime CO2 savings: 41 tons
Resource Wise rebate: $775

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