Resource Wise Business Program 

Resource Wise is the sustainability program for businesses in Summit County.

High Country Conservation Center works in partnership with the Towns of Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, and Summit County Government to help businesses reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and waste while improving recycling, composting, and purchasing practices. These businesses save money and have a positive impact on Summit County’s carbon footprint.


  1. Enroll your business by sending an email to HC3’s Climate Programs Manager, Dominique Giroux.
  2. We’ll work to schedule a FREE assessment at a time convenient to you.
  3. HC3 will come to your business to assess areas where you could be saving energy and resources.
  4. You will receive a comprehensive report and recommendations, unique to your business.
  5. Free consultation and easy rebates on sustainable upgrades.
Email dominique@highcountryconservation.org or call 970-668-5703 to get started. Or, simply enroll your business via the button below and we’ll reach out to you.


Free Assessment
There is no cost to get an assessment.
Personalized Guidance
Receive sustainability advice tailored to your business.
Project Coaching
HC3 will recommend next steps and contractors.
Project Rebates
HC3 offers easy rebates for sustainable upgrades.
Save Resources
Saving resources can also save your business money.


There are three different levels of certification in the Resource Wise program, each with increased benefits. We encourage all businesses to set a goal for the level they wish to achieve and work to get there! All certified businesses receive free marketing outreach from HC3.

Resource Wise Gold certified    Resource Wise Silver Certification    Resource Wise Bronze Medal Certification

Local Business Successes

Breckenridge Chopping Block upgraded their showerheads to ECOHEADS, reducing water and energy use by up to 65%. As water efficiency becomes increasingly important for our community, BCB is an exceptional example as to how a business can do their part to conserve this vital resource.
Wild & Free is taking sustainability to the next level! From a mud kitchen made from upcycled pallets to a full LED lighting upgrade, they are saving energy, reducing waste, and minimizing carbon emissions.
Wedgewood Lodge completed an exterior LED lighting upgrade and with support from Resource Wise, received $400 towards their total project cost. Not to mention the upgrade will result in $2,186 annual savings, making the payback period just 4 months!
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