I live in: Beautiful Dillon, Colorado
    I work at: The Mountain Life Companies
    I joined the board: February 2010
    I joined the board because: I bleed green and absolutely love our community and hope to utilize my personal passion and professional expertise in sustainability to help make positive solutions to challenges within our community.
    My passions are: Mountaineering, international travel, deep powder and spending time with my family and friends.
    My favorite “green” thing to do is: Lead by example in the business world by developing and managing successful socially and environmentally conscious businesses that make a positive difference in the world.
    The craziest thing I have ever done in the name of sustainability is: Established a diversified, multi-industry corporation in which all subsidiaries operate as ‘triple bottom-line’ businesses creating social, environmental and economic benefit both for our stakeholders and the communities in which we’re engaged through diverse corporate undertakings such as operating only carbon-neutral businesses, purchasing 100% green power, actively volunteering our time and talents for charitable, educational, and other worthwhile activities and participating in community-based to global philanthropy causes.

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