ASK EARTHA: What’s Going On With Lake Mead?

Dear Eartha, I came across a recent headline that said Lake Mead is experiencing a historic water shortage – what’s going on!?  There’s no question about it – the West is dry. Locally, we’re experiencing changes like hotter weather, shrinking snowpack, and increased fire danger. And now, miles away, the situation in Lake Mead, the largest […]

ASK EARTHA: Four Myths of Electric Vehicles

Dear Eartha, I’m thinking about getting an electric car, but I’m just not convinced they can handle winter driving. What’s your take? The future, dear readers, is electric! This is important because it will benefit our rapidly warming climate, our wallets, and our health. A Transportation Evolution According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, […]

ASK EARTHA: How to talk about climate change

Dear Eartha, A few days ago, my neighbor and I were chatting about the wildfires and drought the west has experienced this year. I mentioned that we’ll see more of these disasters because of climate change, and she quickly changed the subject. How can I talk to friends and neighbors about climate change without losing […]