Climate Action Plan

With the impacts of climate change becoming increasingly obvious across Colorado, HC3 determined it was time to take decisive action here in Summit County. In early 2018, we hired a consultant and convened a group of stakeholders representing multiple interests to develop a Climate Action Plan for our community.

Over six months, this group met to analyze Summit County’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory and, with the guidance of the consultant, develop strategies for reducing emissions in the energy, transportation, and waste sectors. We also considered the role forests plan in sequestering carbon.

Below you’ll find notes from each meeting as well as presentation slides. Feel free to look through these documents and email Jess if you have any questions about the plan or process.


Want to take action on climate change but not sure how to start? Check out our Climate Action Toolkit for a full list of climate friendly behavior changes.



Meeting Notes + Presentations

Meeting #1: Climate Action Plan Kickoff

Meeting #2: Energy

Meeting #3: Transportation

Meeting #4: Waste and Forestry


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