Ask Eartha: Home Energy Efficiency on a Budget

Dear Eartha, it seems like I’m paying more to heat my house this winter compared to last year. I’d love to make some improvements at home to save money on my bills, but I’m also on a budget. What’s the most affordable way to get started? Heating bills creeping upward? You’re not alone. Last fall, four […]

Ask Eartha: How to Navigate Climate Anxiety

Dear Eartha, I’ve been feeling so anxious about the effects of climate change. What can I do? Any ideas or suggestions to calm my fears about the future of our planet? The impact to our mental and physical health don’t usually come to mind when we talk about the climate crisis. Referred to as “eco-anxiety” or […]

Ask Eartha: Show Love for the Planet on Valentines Day

Dear Eartha, how can I show my love for the planet this Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is not the only thing warming up the month of February. So is climate change. Projections by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization show that by 2050, nearly 25% of Summit County’s winter days could have high temperatures above freezing, compared to 12% […]

Ask Eartha: The Future of EV Batteries

Dear Eartha, I’ve been hearing a lot of concerning information about electric car batteries. I’m interested in buying an EV as my next vehicle, but I want to do the right thing. What’s an environmentally-minded person to do? You know the quote, “The only thing constant in life is change?” (that’s Heraclitus, by the way). Keep […]