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Rocky Mountain Underground – better known as RMU across the community – specializes in designing quality skis, packs, and accessories for the mountain lifestyle. In 2017, RMU opened its Main Street location in Breckenridge where customers can browse gear and grab a beer at the same time. RMU prides itself for being an employee-owned company and having a positive environmental and community impact.  

Interested in being one of the most sustainable ski brands on the market, it was only fitting that RMU joined Resource Wise to take further action on its environmental stewardship goals. In 2021, RMU ramped up recycling efforts and began composting food waste. “With three bars and two shops, we have a significant amount of food and recycling waste. We feel like we would be doing the environment injustice by not pursuing the program,” said store manager Alicia Bergman. RMU’s stellar new Green Team will help keep the business on track towards achieving its waste reduction goals.

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Sustainability improvement: Composting and Recycling

HC3 is an invaluable resource to the community in Summit County. If you’ve been thinking about getting your business in a recycling or composting program, it starts with a simple phone call. It’s easy and if you love our mountains as much as we do, let’s work together to make the world a better place! – Alicia Bergman, RMU Store Manager 

Join Resource Wise to reduce waste, save energy, and create a more sustainable Summit.

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