Ballot Measure 1A: Services Stabilization

 In Elections 2020

HC3 Supports 1A

As Summit County’s population and visitation have increased, demand for our community’s recycling services is now greater than ever before.  HC3 supports ballot measure 1A “Services Stabilization” to maintain food scrap composting, glass stations, the new Silverthorne recycling center and other waste reduction programs. We need these programs to reach our community goal of doubling our recycling rate by 2035.

And as the smoke clears here in Summit County and average temperatures continue to rise, it’s critical to continue fire mitigation activities. Without 1A, both recycling and fire mitigation programs will see significant funding cuts.

Ballot measure 1A will keep residential property taxes the same and allow these important programs to continue at their current levels. HC3 asks voters to support ballot measure 1A “Services Stabilization.” It is essential for the sustainable future of our community.


More info on the Gallagher Amendment:

Ballot initiative 1A is needed because of the Gallagher Amendment to the state’s constitution. This amendment was adopted by voters in 1982 and requires the state to collect property taxes with a fixed ratio of 45% residential to 55% commercial property value. The problem is that residential property values have outpaced commercial property values, with approximately 80% of property value in Colorado is now residential. This disparity between actual property values and the Gallagher amendment ratio erode the property tax base that provide local services.

Building A Better Colorado Video – video explaining Gallagher amendment and impacts


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