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Every town needs a great coffee shop, and Brett and Sara Cox provide just that for residents and visitors to Breckenridge. They took over The Crown in April 2014 to provide a welcoming place for locals to gather and socialize. These days, it’s rare that you walk in and don’t recognize someone, as The Crown has become one of Breck’s go-to locations.

From the beginning, sustainability was a core value for Brett and Sara. They joined Resource Wise in 2017 and haven’t stopped improving since. In 2019, they completed an LED lighting upgrade in the kitchen. Not only did their bills go down, but the lighting quality in the kitchen is better now, too. They also upped the ante and started composting – they regularly compost upwards of 120 gallons of food and coffee grounds each week.

Project Details

Efficiency improvements: LED lighting 
Annual savings: 
Lifetime CO2 savings: 7.5 tons

As restaurant owners, it’s important for us to find every opportunity to be more sustainable for the benefit of our community and our families. Sara Cox, Owner The Crown

Join Resource Wise to reduce waste, save energy, and create a more sustainable Summit.

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