Jeffrey Bergeron and Ellen Hollinshead

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Jeffrey Bergeron and Ellen Hollinshead are long-time conservationists in the¬†Breckenridge community. In 1997, they spearheaded a local ballot initiative to designate a portion of sales tax revenue to open space acquisition. Avid sustainability advocates, it’s little wonder they were early adopters in the Energy Smart program.

They had an audit and completed a substantial project back in 2014. But in early 2019, Jeffrey noticed condensation on ducts in his crawlspace. To solve the situation, HC3 prescribed locating leaks around the duct work and then sealing them shut. Caulking leaky ducts not only solves the condensation issue, but also prevents heated air from escaping…leading to a more efficient eating system and energy savings. We call that a win-win.

Project Details

Efficiency improvements: Air sealing, duct sealing, insulation, lighting
Annual savings: $491
Lifetime CO2 savings: 75 tons

These efficiency improvements are about more than just economics. For us, it’s important to live with a small energy footprint. Jeffrey Bergeron

Be Energy Smart! Improve the efficiency and comfort of your home today.

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