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Locally owned and operated in Colorado, Alpine Bank in Frisco is proud of its commitment to community. For the bank, that includes working to to preserve the Colorado western landscape that their customers and employees thrive upon.

Alpine Bank joined Resource Wise in 2012 and received gold certification in the program in 2019 when they completed an LED lighting upgrade on the interior and exterior of the Frisco building. This project not only resulted in energy savings and emission reductions, but also increased lighting quality for staff and customers alike.

Project Details

Energy improvements: LED lighting upgrade
Annual savings: $2,430
Payback period: 2.5 years
Lifetime CO2 savings: 18 metric tons

Our customers and employees are outdoors enthusiasts. To preserve what we love to do, we feel a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Trevor Wagner, Banking Officer Alpine Bank

Join Resource Wise to reduce waste, save energy, and create a more sustainable Summit.

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