ASK EARTHA: How to Reduce Food Waste

Dear Eartha, I recently joined the Food Scrap Program and it made me realize how much food I’m wasting. Is it a big deal since my leftovers end up as compost? Nice work keeping your food scraps out of the landfill! For most people, it is normal to discard old leftovers or that expired cheese […]

ASK EARTHA: Grow to Share

Dear Eartha, my garden is growing like crazy this summer! I don’t think I will be able to eat all of my veggies. Is there something I can do with the extras? There is only so much fresh spinach one person can use and freeze! Now that you’ve realized you won’t be able to eat […]

ASK EARTHA: What to Know About Building Codes

Dear Eartha, I’ve been hearing some rumblings about new construction codes in the county. As a local Realtor, what should I know about these updated codes? Will these changes improve the energy efficiency of new homes? With a new set of codes in effect across the community, sustainable construction has certainly taken a step forward. […]

ASK EARTHA: Plastic-Free July

Dear Eartha, I just learned it’s Plastic-free July. Between COVID guidelines and my takeout addiction, how can I reduce plastic use?    As you’ve heard, Plastic-free July is a global movement inspiring people across the planet to ditch single-use plastics for the entire month. It’s a challenge to consider your daily habits and continue on […]

ASK EARTHA: Environmental & Social Justice

Dear Eartha, I’ve heard recently about the link between environmental issues and social justice. I don’t fully understand the connection, can you explain?  If you’ve ever seen photos of a climate change rally, you might have noticed signs that say things like, “Climate justice is social justice,” or “Environmental justice for all.” Though the connections […]