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“Upgrading to LEDs significantly reduces staff time spent on changing bulbs, allowing them to concentrate on other projects. In fact, we’re saving about 30 hours each week in labor alone.” – Nathan Nosari, HOA General Manager.

What makes a business great? Is it the services and products offered? The friendliness of the staff? For the businesses enrolled in HC3’s sustainable business program, Resource Wise, it’s all of the above plus thoughtful consideration of their environmental and community impact.

For many of the businesses enrolled in Resource Wise, energy use is a big consideration. After all, keeping lights and heat on costs a lot of money. The Village at Breckenridge understood this and completed an extensive LED lighting upgrade in 2016. The HOA spent nearly $70,00 replacing lighting fixtures in stairwells, laundry and locker rooms, as well as parking garages. The result? An estimated annual savings of almost $16,000 (a payback period of only four years) and 159,420 kilowatt hours of electricity – that’s equal to the average yearly electrical usage of 16 Summit County homes!  This project was successful beyond just energy savings: Management has also realized a significant labor savings as well, since staff no longer find themselves replacing burnt out incandescent bulbs on a regular basis. In fact, the Village at Breckenridge was so pleased with the savings from its LED lighting projects that it also installed new boiler and snowmelt pumps as well as new high efficiency pool and spa pumps managed by timer systems.

After going through the initial Resource Wise application process, the Village at Breckenridge was awarded the silver level of certification. Now, HOA Manager Nathan Nosari says he’s going for the gold.

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